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Service Alberta: Document Registration
The legal documents submitted for registration are examined to ensure . The Land Titles Act defines a mortgage as "a charge on land created merely for . The most common is a discharge document that must be properly executed by the .


Service Alberta: Forms - Land Titles
A collection of Alberta's land title forms. . Documents submitted for registration must be accompanied by an electronic on-line Document . Caveat Discharge - Partial (pdf) . Mortgage or Encumbrance or Lease Transfer - Full (pdf); Mortgage .


MOR-1 - Service Alberta
accepted for registration as a mortgage if land is specifically mortgaged in the . provided in either the discharge document or the document registration request .


Red Deer Land Titles Registry: Vital Registry Services Ltd. Red ...
For property within Alberta, we can provide a Land Title Search which will . cancelled title search, and also pull copies of specific documents registered against the title. . The most common types sent for registration are mortgage discharge, .

Alberta Land Titles Act . Any reference in this set of terms to information in the registered mortgage refers . matter of that box or part) and any reference to signing the mortgage means signing the registered document or a . You will pay all legal cost to discharge the mortgage and to prepare and register the replacement .

Alberta Features and Specifications
including mortgage documents. . TitlePLUS is a registered trademark of Lawyers' Professional Indemnity . Mortgage Discharge Statement Requests/ Payout .

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DOWER ACT - Alberta Queen's Printer - Government of Alberta
(D) a mortgage by deposit of certificate of title or other mortgage that does not require the . (c) a subsisting release of dower rights was registered at the time of .

AARA - FAQ - Land Registration
I have paid off my mortgage; how do I remove it from my title? . Forward the original discharge document along with the prescribed Land Title Fees to the . A registered Alberta Land Surveyor is the only individual who can legally prepare a .

DOW-1 - Service Alberta
a release of dower rights by the spouse of the married person is registered, or c) . requirements have been complied with include the following documents: (7). - a transfer,. - a lease for more than three years, (8). - a mortgage or encumbrance, .

Need Help Identifying a Company: Mortgage Electronic Registration ...
Posted on 02/20/2010 4:06:38 PM PST by Alberta's Child . The mortgage discharge was filed very recently, so I have no way of knowing right now if the . thing is that the mortgage discharge document is the first time any indication of MERS' .

Land Titles Act (Alberta) - Equitable Trust
the Approval, preparation, execution and registration of the Mortgage, any document connected with the Mortgage and any Amendment, discharge or transfer of .

The discharge documents will be forwarded to the party mentioned in the Letter of . the loan is paid out in full (within 30 days in Alberta and British Columbia). . The mortgage is to be registered for a 5 year term at the current MCAP prime rate .

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Selling Process - Real Estate Council of Alberta
They are also licensed and regulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta. . In common law brokerages, individual industry members registered with that . Written service agreements are preferred, because they document specifics of . If you have an open mortgage, you'll probably be able to discharge it without penalty.

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Table of Contents
2 Registrations and searches for the Crown in right of Alberta, other than for . subsisting registered or caveated mortgage or encumbrance and it is . including a certificate of lis pendens and discharge and extra endorsements. NIL. (3) Lapse .