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From the NY Times: regulations to deny student loan application

New Tax Moratorium in the Province of Buenos Aires
Aug 31, 2011 . Regularization of debts of Gross Income Tax, Stamp Tax, Real Estate . Tax debts to be regularized vary according to each regime; in all cases .


A Positive Debt Management Program
conditions. 7In a static situation, the problem of regularization of debt management operations could be approached by pro- ducing a continuous and steady flow .


Portugal's Tax Regularization Scheme in Breach of EU Law, ECJ Says
rules that granted preferential tax treatment to public debt securities issued by the Portuguese government under a special tax regularization scheme (RERF) for .


Economic Policy and Debt - IMF and World Bank Support ...
Jul 9, 2007 . WB InfoShop: Debt Related Publications . This facilitated a further step in the regularization of relations with creditors, with a Paris Club .,,contentMDK:21403394~menuPK:64166659~pagePK:64166689~piPK:64166646~theSitePK:469043,00.html

Mar 29, 2012 . a serious liquidity problem for these suppliers and a debt problem for the . to Regional and Local Governments to facilitate the regularization of .

Marcelo Icikson | LinkedIn
Designed and developed strategy for regularization of debt into arrears of U$ S900 million of capital markets indebtedness through a global exchange offer.

Here is the 2008 home mortgage rates wsj:

TRANSMILE GROUP BERHAD (Company No. 373741-W ...
for the preparation of the financial statements is highly dependant upon the successful implementation of an approved regularization and debt restructuring plan.

Argentina's Highlights
The regime for the regularization of tax liabilities covers debts for federal taxes ( Income Tax, Value Added Tax, etc.) and social security (save for dues and .

English-language spelling reform - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus det became debt (to link it to Latin debitum), dout became doubt (to link it to Latin dubitare), sissors became scissors and sithe became scythe (as they .

The Payment of Reparations and Inter-Ally Debts | Foreign Affairs
Finally, since the beginning of 1925 most of the Continental Allies have opened formal or informal negotiations looking to the regularization of their debts.

5. Principal economic indicators 4. Outlook
For the first 10 workers being regularized, the debt (principal and interest) generated by the. failure to pay employee withholdings and employer contributions .

Press Information Department (Government of Pakistan)
Jan 2, 2012. for Finance on the debt swap being undertaken for the power sector . MUSTAFA NAWAZ KHOKHAR, FOR REGULARIZATION OF THEIR .


Grasping Reality with Opposable Thumbs

Financial Policies For Regularizing Business Investment
Volume Title: Regularization of Business Investment . signed to regularize investment. . Business financing contracts, whether for debt or equity funds, are .

In Memoriam: Doris "Tanta" Dungey

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any nature related to such regularization. (ii) In case of regularization of 10 or fewer workers, the forgiveness of the aggregate debt for failure to pay social .