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From the NY Times: mortgages for rural areas

Reinstate your eligibility for federal student aid
Reinstate your eligibility for federal student aid . If you miss payments on your defaulted student loans, you will not be eligible for a second reinstatement.


Repaying Your Defaulted Student Loan
Reinstatement. If you default on a student loan(s) that was guaranteed by TG, TG becomes the holder of your loan. One of the .


2012-2013 Loan Adjustment Form
Apr 2, 2012 . reduce a loan at any time prior to the end of the student's enrollment period. A student may reinstate his/her Federal Stafford loans at any time .


FAMS Learn More About Defaulted Student Loans
Reinstatement of Title IV Student Aid Eligibility. If you have a defaulted student loan, you are not eligible to receive additional federal or state student aid funds .

Default of Federal Student Loans Frequently Asked Questions ...
Q. How do I reinstate eligibility for federal and state financial aid if I return to college after defaulting on a student loan? A. Financial aid eligibility will be .

Default of Federal Student Loans
If you have a defaulted student loan, you are not eligible to receive additional .

Here is the 2008 regions mortgage locations:

JPMorgan Chase Reinstates Military Student Loan Deferments after ...
Feb 7, 2011 . Kerri Napoli called NBC news when her military husband's student loan deferment program was canceled by JPMorgan Chase. They've since .

Dartmouth Slashes Staff, Lobbyists Thwart Student Loan Relief
Feb 8, 2010 . In a dramatic move to reduce its $100 million deficit, Dartmouth College announced a plan to increase tuition, reinstate student loan programs .

Student - Reinstatement of Eligibility After Default
Reinstatement of eligibility does not bring a loan out of default, and the borrower is not eligible for deferments. If a student regains eligibility during an enrollment .

Getting Out of Default - Northwest Education Loan Association
Loan rehabilitation is the only option that deletes the default status of your education loans from your credit report and reinstates your eligibility for federal .

Defaulted Federal Student Loans
A federal student loan is considered to be in default status when the loan . the default credit entry on their credit report is removed, the loan is reinstated and the .

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College Zone - FAA Zone - Processes - Reinstatement of Title IV ...
If a borrower defaults on his/her Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP ) and/or Federal . A Reinstatement can only be granted once to a borrower.

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Private Loans - Entrance Counseling - Mesa Community College
If you're interested in student loans there are a few things you must do. . to keep, or reinstate, your student loan(s) for the following semester, you are required to .